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Douglas Itkin
"Experience is not just what happens to you, but what you learn from it."
Currently looking for Agile Scrum project management positions using my experience as scrum master and coach, and my wide range of experience in web development, testing, banking, publishing, retail, and museums.

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  1. Agile Consultant, Itkin LLC

    Coaching multiple clients, including a startup medical device company
    ● Educating companies’ staff about Agile mindset and principles, and the Scrum and Kanban frameworks.
    ● Organizing companies’ project management using Jira, Trello and Confluence.

  2. Senior Scrum Master, - providing Smarter Healthcare Staffing & Scheduling Solution

    ● Coached 4 teams using Scrum for projects and Kanban for maintenance, with teams located in the US and offshore.
    ● Enhanced user experience for nurses and facilities using websites, mobile apps and data science at the fastest growing company in Massachusetts.
    ● Iterated project management office (PMO) processes to transition from startup to sustainable and scalable practices.

  3. Agile Scrum Master and Coach, Massaro Consulting

    Insurance company client 

    • Facilitated agile transformation as an onsite and remote contractor for a nation-wide insurance company client.
    • Coached 6 Scrum masters, along with product owners, analysts, testers and developers working on an upgrade of core policy software applications and cloud migration. Coordinated with staff mainly co-located in US, along with contractors in Europe and Canada.
    • Coordinated resources from multiple departments to release high profile changes to product lines, including policy lengths and integration with outside vendor data sources to keep the company competitive.
    • Scrum master for a team that successfully upgraded corporate website CMS (content management system) software.
    • Participated in Scrum of Scrums to share progress, impediments and best practices.
    • Customized Jira to organize projects. Trained staff to manage Scrum sprints and Kanban workflows.
    • Managed Confluence for creating team homepages, knowledge base of agile resources, and project documentation.
    • Facilitated the sudden transition of all onsite staff to working entirely remotely when pandemic started.
    • Encouraged an environment of continuous improvement through retrospectives, identifying and removing impediments and building collaborative teams.
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    Software Manager and Scrum Master, Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric (formerly APC) - Global specialist in energy management and automation

    Managed QA (Quality Assurance) team. Validated functionality and appearance of web applications. Ensured quality was everyone's responsibility.

    • Used Agile Scrum for daily-standup meetings and planning, increasing team efficiency, communication, prioritization, and motivation.

    • Leveraged worldwide inter-department staff located in France, India, Poland, Mexico, and China for round-the-clock security and productivity.

    • Coordinated software releases with business owners, software developers, database administrators, and operations staff, reducing deployment and validation time.

    • Transitioned from multiple website applications to centralized content management system (SDL Tridion) for corporate website, including thousands of webpages for 155 countries in 35 languages.

    • Improved team efficiency by continually contributing and organizing central knowledge base using, Atlassian Confluence, and Mediawiki.

    • Ensured successful real-world customer experience by validating website functionality using multiple operating systems, web browsers, mobile devices, and Kept staff focused and productive, tracked project tasks and bug reports in JIRA, developed test plans in Zephyr for JIRA, and used Selenium and Imacros for automated testing.

    • Validated end-to-end customer journeys, confirming dependencies and integrations continued to function in complex applications, including: contact forms, search engines, warranty registrations, collaboration portals, and b2c ecommerce.

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    Certifications: Agile Scrum Master & Product Owner, Scrum Inc.
  6. -
    Project Manager, Bank of America

    Bank of America (formerly Fleet Bank) - Multinational banking and financial services corporation, currently 2nd largest bank in the US by assets.

    Project manager for customer support, specializing in online banking. Worked as liaison between developers, product managers, and customer contact staff. Balanced best outcomes for customers, employees, and shareholders.

    • Facilitated planning and deployment of 200 Online Banking Customer Support desktops, which combined all legacy Fleet and Bank of America applications and identified critical bugs before full go-live.

    • Tracked and resolved issues in merger control room during conversion of 4.1M online banking customers and archiving of 4M emails.

    • Saved printing cost and improved response accuracy by digitizing paper reference manuals. Tested and revised designs incorporating employee feedback, then launched to 2,000 Fleet call center associates.

    • Implemented online solution for tracking expedited ATM card shipments, setting realistic customer expectations.

    • Reduced handle time of email responses by configuring routing rules, developing template responses, and troubleshooting user issues.

    • Enhanced customer experience by preparing support staff for changes to online banking, including: website redesigns, mobile access, check images, online statements, and merger integrations.

  7. -
    Managing Editor, Grapho Inc. Publishing

    Grapho Inc. Publishing - magazine publisher and sports products distributor

    • Managing Editor and webmaster for American Windsurfer Magazine.

    • Completely overhauled website, adding numerous features including secure subscription and product ordering, while editing articles and bringing magazine to press.

    • Utilized latest software and hardware tools to efficiently accomplish everything with 4 employees.


  • BA Psychology, Minor in Photography
    University of Rochester, NY
  • Agile Scrum Master, Certification
    Scrum Inc
  • Agile Product Owner, Certification
    Scrum Inc
  • SAFe Scrum Master, Certification
    Scaled Agile Inc
  • MySQL
    College Course
  • Chinese Language and Culture Survival Course
  • Decision Quality Leadership Training
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Multiple offsite trainings for QA, SDLC, and DevOps


  • Co-Founder Agile RI
  • Providence Geeks
  • Climate Action RI



Providence, RI, US